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Expirianced Israeli looking for “living in” housekeeper job

Город: Эйлат
Специальность / Профессия: Living in housekeeper
Дата публикации: 25.09.2020
Контактная информация:
Автор объявления: Julietta
Эл.почта: [email protected]

Job resume for Living In housekeeper.

I am working as a housekeeper and elderly lady care giver in moshav near to Jerusalem seance November 2018 until now. My employers are two ladies: 65 years old medical doctor and her 89 years old mom. Big privet house with yard and pool. Three big dogs.

My duties as a housekeeper:
Cleaning house every day
Cooking healthy food
Washing dishes and cloth
Cleaning the yard, porches, roof and solar panels
Grocery shopping
Cleaning the pool area.

My duties as a care giver:
Water therapy and massage 3-5 times a week for 1,5-2 hours in the pool
Walking with the old lady outside of the house in the nature
Therapeutic exercise and movements
Escorting old lady to her doctor appointments,
Giving old lady shower
Doing for old lady pedicure

My skills and abilities
1. Good cook of healthy meals
2. Watsu water therapist second level
3. Medical massage
4. Driver with 40 years of experience outside of Israel in USA, Belize, Puerto Rico, Mexico and 2 years in Israel.
5. 10 years of Travel agent experience in Central America and Caribbeans
6. Good level of computer user
7. Organic gardening
8. Professional floral designer
9. Basic pedicure skills.

Diplomas related to housekeeping job
1. Israeli, USA driver license
2. Watsu water therapy 1 and 2 level (Israeli)
3. CPR medical first aid 22 hours class (Israeli MADA)
5. Restaurant chef level 5 collage diploma from USSR.

Personal qualities.
Positive spiritual person. No religious.
A creative successful cook, responsible, intelligent, warm and loving person, who is taking a job task very seriously. Economical.
Free of smocking habit for 1 year.
No any other addictions in the past or present.
Love nature, meditations, music, good books and movies.

Russian – native language, high level
English – good level (speak, write and read)
Hebrew – entry level (no writing or reading)

Recommendations are available upon request.

Cover letter.
54 years old Hola Hadasha from USA looking for full time “living in” housekeeper position in Eilat area. I am an Israeli citizen with teudat zeut, pension fund, betuah leumi and cupat holim.
At this time I am working 8 hours, 6 days a week (Shabat day off), 2 weeks payable vacation a year, salary $1000 p/month in shekel equivalent and all the worker right benefits for Israeli employee.
I work and live with my employer family residence in my own room with privet shower and restroom and free food.
I am looking for the same working schedule and living conditions, but increasing my salary up to $2000 in shekel equivalent.

I am looking for a family without elderly or high risk corona patient.

I also can be very useful to assist traveling person using my experience as a travel agent.

The reasons why I am looking for new employment location.
1. Due to corona situation I am Trapped in the house with two high risk of corona getting ladies. I am very limited of getting out or visiting friends, family or travel. This is very hard for me to deal with Psycologically.

2. My skills and abilities are widely used in my every day duties, but not compensated enough. Basically I am under payed and over do.

3. I would like to relocate to Eilat for the love of a tropical sea and a coral reef.

I can commit to this job for long period of time.

I will be glad if you will be interesting in talk to me on Skype or Watsapp prior to personal meeting.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

With respect,

Julietta Vilenski

[email protected]

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